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Fospha has a long and differentiated history in advanced customer data engineering, science and analytics

With the explosion of multi-channel marketing, dominated in digital by Google and Facebook, we identified an opportunity to combine the power of machine learning and AI with customer data platform technology to solve one of the most difficult challenges businesses face: understanding and optimising the cost of customer acquisition.

We acquired iJento in 2016, a business with 18 years’ experience enabling multi-channel customer intelligence for enterprise clients. The fusion of cutting edge data science and engineering resulted in a software solution that unifies clients’ customer data and computes the fractional value of each channel interaction, providing a granular data-driven view of marketing performance.

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We believe that technology software rises or falls based on the quality of the accompanying service and a deep understanding of the problem it has to solve for its clients

We pride ourselves on our number one company value to ‘Start with the customer and work backwards’ and have a Customer Success function brimming with marketing technology, consultancy and technical experience and expertise.

About Blenheim Chalcot

Our main owners/investors are the UK’s leading venture builder Blenheim Chalcot, who have a brilliant track record growing tech businesses in multiple sectors over the last 20 years. Our team is based out of the BC offices in Hammersmith, West London, along with more than 10 other BC tech venture businesses.

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Fospha is growing fast

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We think we’re a pretty brilliant international mix of technical and commercial people, including scientists, marketers, linguists, strategy consultants, engineers, former university professors, astrophysicists, (maths) doctors and more!

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