Multi-screen is mainstream : why it’s important to get a holistic view of your customers’ journey across devices

Multi-screen is mainstream : why it’s important to get a holistic view of your customers’ journey across devices

In a world driven by technological advance, consumer journeys are characterized by an increasing number of digital touchpoints across multiple devices. Research shows that customers are spending more time on multiple devices, and conversions across different devices has increased.

A Google report showed that 90 percent of consumers surveyed reported using more than one device —  whether that meant a smartphone, PC, tablet or TV — to accomplish a single objective online.

As multi-screen experiences move into the mainstream, and as customer data becomes increasingly fragmented, it is difficult for businesses to understand their customer journeys and track customer engagement.

As well as using multiple devices, over half of users have multiple cookie identifiers, browse in private mode, or switch from authenticated to anonymous sessions whilst shopping. These factors make customer journeys incredible to measure, track, and understand (for example, two conversions across different devices might only represent one visitor).

Creating a single visitor profile remains one of the major challenges faced by modern businesses. As fluidity between devices increases, it’s important that marketers seek a better understanding of how their consumers interact with different devices so that they can tailor their campaigns and experiences accordingly.


What is cross-device stitching?

To properly understand their customers, marketers need to be able to connect disparate data sources from different devices, this is called cross-device stitching. Cross-device stitching combines multiple touchpoints into one profile – collecting data in a range of formats from a variety of devices and connecting them with individual users.

Marketers using a cross-device view, convert 1.4 times as many consumers as marketers using a single device view.

Building a single profile allows our clients to accurately follow a buyer through their entire journey to conversion. This helps to gain a more accurate visitor count – properly representing your existing customer base, and conversions.

Stitching the entire customer journey also makes it clear where consumers have left the conversion funnel, helping marketers to pinpoint problems in their consumer journey, such as technological payment issues, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

A singular customer view also makes it easy to identify visitors who have left the journey on one device but converted on another. This reduces the risk of customers who have already completed a purchase being pestered with emails or target ads encouraging them to return to an abandoned basket, damaging brand reputation.


How cross-device stitching can help supercharge personalization

Fragmented user experiences can make it difficult to personalize marketing content – by stitching a journey to a single profile, you can fine-tune your marketing strategy, supercharge personalization and tailor content to individual users.

A singular view of the customer journey allows marketers to segregate their consumers into clusters based on several factors, including route to conversion, online interests, and buying behaviours. These clusters make it easy to create personalized experiences, targeting consumers with relevant content to increase engagement and improve the likelihood of conversion. Clustering also allows marketers to identify their most valuable consumers, targeting similar audiences through platforms like Facebook.

Cross-device stitching helps businesses connect the dots, understanding their entire customer experience through people, not devices. Capturing the entire consumer journey gives a more accurate view of visitor count and allows marketers to personalize advertising, increasing return on investment. Stitching user profiles also saves money, optimizing marketing spend by targeting specific, high value, customers.   


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