Supercharging paid search: how to cut zero-performance spend

Supercharging paid search: how to cut zero-performance spend

As cost per acquisition continues to rise, and brand loyalty dwindles, the ability to grow conversions without increasing marketing spend is more important than ever. Data-driven analytics can help marketers achieve ‘quick wins’ to instantly increase return on investment (ROI).

By reducing unnecessary spend on under-performing keywords and reallocating budget across high-performing keywords, marketers can increase conversions without impacting revenue.

Data-driven attribution helps marketers gain a better understanding of marketing channel performance, accurately evaluating the effectiveness of individual touchpoints in a consumer’s journey to conversion. It can also be used to reveal the highest and lowest performing keywords in paid search campaigns.

When Fospha client AVADO came to us, we found that 30% of their keyword spend was being wasted on words that played no role in historic or forecasted conversion and that 20% of high-performance keywords were under invested in. Using our paid search optimization tools, AVADO were able to save £200,000 in AdWords spend.


Three steps to supercharging your paid search campaigns:


  1. Cut unnecessary spending

Where most marketers struggle to assess the vale of individual keywords, with data often siloed across vendors, Fospha enables marketers to quickly identify keywords with a zero percent success rate. Waiting for keyword performance reports from third party vendors can also be laborious and time consuming, making it difficult for marketers to maintain pace with changes in the industry. The ability to generate reports quickly and easily makes is easy for our clients to instantly adapt their spending strategy to maintain a competitive edge.

  1. Reallocate that spend across high-performing keywords

We make it simple for marketers to redistribute spend across high-performance keywords. Our interactive tool shows our clients how to distribute spend at a channel, campaign and ad level. The results can also be refreshed daily, ensuring that they accurately represent the rapidly changing nature of the industry.

  1. Integrate insights with existing bid management platforms

Our platform is also easily integrated with existing investments such as bidding platform Kenshoo. Automating the bidding process not only removes an element of human-led decision making, replacing it with more reliable, data-based strategy, but also leaves marketers with more time to search for and implement important insights.


Start small and grow

Starting small is one of the key factors in achieving successful digital transformation. In 2018, more than 50% of organizations failed to digitize their marketing measurement as the complexity of the proposed changes were too great. Indeed, investing huge amounts of revenue into a one-size-fits-all approach rarely results in long term success for marketers. Instead, Fospha are committed to starting small, building flexible solutions that are as unique as our clients.

Cutting unnecessary spending is a quick win representative of this ‘start small’ approach. With an industry leading onboarding time, our clients can run zero-performance keyword reports and start saving in as little as 30 days.

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